Monday, February 1, 2010

Growing Pains

There comes a time in the growth of every guild where you have to start doing multiple runs in order to give everyone the chance to raid.  Some guilds focus on only one run and cycle people in and out.  That's fine in theory, but what about the people who are cooling their heels in front of the PC?  Especially when you've had a good recruiting run and people are chomping at the bit to get some ICC in.  We've reached that point.  Next week we're starting two separate 10 man runs on different days.  This also helps with people who have conflicting schedules with the raids.  The real challenge is making sure everyone gets their due.  I think guilds forget that when they recruit, they have a duty to those individuals to include them in as many guild runs as possible.  After all, you don't join a guild to sit around usually.

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