Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guild Communication

When leadership in the guild thinks of communicating with one another it generally goes to using the website, game mail or Vent. To me, an even better form of communication within the officer staff is the telephone. We're actually developing a call list for all of the leadership structure in the guild. Not only does it make us have a closer relationship, it also means that when something interesting happens in the guild, we can pick up the phone and yell HELP! when we need it. I kind of like it when someone has the comfort level to call me to discuss things. Obviously this list isn't distributed to the whole guild but most of the guild is made up of people who know each other so it's not hard to give someone a call and say "hey, if you aren't doing anything and you're interested, we need "blah" to fill a spot in the raid". Nine times out of ten, that person is thrilled to be given a chance to log on and go straight to a loot run.

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