Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eventually, it always happens...

What happens?  Drama.  That ever-present shadow, insidious in nature that lurks just out of your field of vision, waiting to strike at the worst time last night.

So here we are in ToC 10.  Everything is going great.  We're burning through the instance.  We've just taken down the second encounter and out of the blue:  BAM!  We were suddenly hit with not only drama in guild chat, but in vent.  Most of us were rather shocked as to what was going on.  Why are these three people acting like they want to kill each other? 

Turns out there, was a bit of a love triangle in real life that somehow crept into the guild.  Now one person left the other and is now with another person and WE had to deal with it.  So the raid disintegrates right out from under us with everyone wondering what just happened.  That left the officers with some questions.

Now we have to figure out how to prevent such things from happening again.  After all, this is a game that we enjoy playing.  Not so much when people bring their real life problems into the middle of things and subject the rest of us to the stress and (for lack of better terminology) drama of having to deal with it. 

My take on things?  You bring your drama into my world, you go buh-bye.  I'm not having it.  As far as I'm concerned, the individual who was egging everything on should be kicked.  On person already quit over it and the third person just got tired of being assailed in guild chat and vent as his life was already stressful enough already.  I do think we need to show a little bit of loyalty to the person who's stuck with us through thick and thin and didn't even bother to bring it up in the guild.  

More later...

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