Saturday, January 16, 2010

Running a Raid

Last night was a time of reflection and a gut check on a personal level.  I haven't led a raid since back in the days of Vanilla WoW.  I've been more than happy to let the bean counters take care of it while I got a chance to sit back and relax and do my job.  Last night was different.

I decided to have our guild start hosting regular 25 man content raids a couple of weeks ago.  I put it on the calendar and started advertising so I could get some talent outside of the guild to help us out.  Essentially, it's a guild hosted raid.  I really wanted it to be a success.  At about 6 PM server, the advertising started and we had a full group.  I was really hoping it would turn out well since there were quite a few new faces in the raid.  Let's just say that I was surprised.  I was scrambling to throw out the raid warnings, keep vent quiet, do ready checks and distribute loot.  I had a lot of fun watching how everything was coming together.  It was a great to see how everyone worked together.  When something wouldn't work, we'd alter our strategy and then hit it again, often times with positive results.  The raid went so well, in fact, that we didn't lose a single person until about 2 hours into the event.  There was even a person who decided to stay with us rather than run with his guild in another 25 they had going.  The results were impressive to me in regard to how smoothly things went.  I can't take all of the credit though.  Several guildies were super helpful and really made things work for us. 

The one lesson I take away is this though:  Have your loot rules set in stone. 

Since this was more or less new to me considering how long it's been since I've run a raid, I forgot to have them written down and to flat out state everything before the raid started.  Not that there was any real drama, but my life and the lives of those who participated would have been a lot more simple had I put all of this out at the beginning of the raid.  Instead, I was left scrambling to remember how I wanted to do loot.  Today, I put it on paper!

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