Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the Raid Leader has an OH NOES!!1 moment

So there I was last night minding my own business and prepping for the raid.  The GL gives me a phone call to confirm that we're going to do the 25 I have scheduled at his request and I let him know that all is well.  It's on the calendar and we're going to have a great night.  I'm sitting in Dal and getting ready to port to Stormwind to collect some flasks when the usual, random "You have been disconnected from the server" message pops up. 

Ok. No problemo.  Logging back in.  Nothing.

At that moment, I glance over at my wife's machine and notice she has the same problem.  Probably just the router or my ISP renewing the IP.  I do my thing with the local equipment.  Still a lot more of nothing.  I then run a line directly to the modem and try to run an IPCONFIG so I can see if we're even pulling anything.  Yep.  There's an IP and everything, however, we're still not getting a connection.  Keep in mind that I (yeah, you'd think I'm going to figure things out) work in fiber optics all day long so this kind of stuff is second nature to me.  What's the first question I ask my wife?  Honey, when did we last pay the bill on this?  So anyway, I'm thinking we got disconnected for nonpay because we were going on 45 days since the last payment.  I'm not even considering that my equipment is pulling IP's and let's me ping the local office down the road.  Turns out there was an OC line cut last night out near Knoxville.

So they ran the raid without me, which is good because it means we have some people who aren't afraid to step up to the plate! 

The other funny thing (well, not funny but yeah) was when Doc calls me last night to put me on speaker so I can talk to the other officers on Vent while we all decided what to do with two people who were causing issues with another member.  They all three have their problems but harassment isn't condoned in the guild.  Especially in Vent when there are other people having to put up with it too.

So ended a fun night and started an early evening in bed.  Without my wife who watched TV.  ;p

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